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FC Barcelona proclamation per a stories in anxiety to a arbitrate of a initial compare of a entertain last array in in between Barça Regal as good as Panathinaikos

Image from a initial compare in a array / PHOTO: GERMÁN PARGA –FCB

Following a coming of sure stories in a press in anxiety to a refereeing of a initial diversion of a Euroleague entertain last array in in between FC Barcelona Regal as good as Panathinaikos BC, a Club wishes to state a following:

1. The accusations being done have been discordant to FC Barcelona’s clarity as good as approach of operating.

2. FC Barcelona, in all of a sports as good as disciplines, has regularly shielded satisfactory fool around as good as correct conduct.

3. Given a irregularities which can start during a compare due to tellurian error, FC Barcelona has regularly demanded which a professionals practice counsel in their comments about compare officials as good as uncover a pinnacle apply oneself for a sporting opponents.

4. FC Barcelona has regularly shown a pinnacle apply oneself for a clubs, players as good as coaches it has faced, as good as a bodies which oversee veteran sport.

Barcelona vs Panathinaikos live stream Euroleague Basketball 2013.

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