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Barcelona vs Panathinaikos

The match between Regal FC Barcelona and Panathinaikos for a place in the upcoming Final Four of the Euroleague in London O2 begins Tuesday at the Palau Blaugrana with the first stake between two well-known historical and rematches are unliquidated, and the collision between stars with Navarro and Diamantidis could tip the balance towards a low-Barça, but this is the best team out there, or to the ODP will assert his seniority and get the pass game.

For now, the blaugrana feud hosts the first two games of a series that provides long and matched, as was that of 2011, won by Xavi Pascual’s team the right to have the home court favor after being almost immaculate leaders of group in the ‘Top 16’, with a single defeat.

Furthermore, the Blaugrana are the best team so far with a record of 22-2 between the regular and ‘Top 16’, while Panathinaikos had to suffer more to spend as last team to this group play-off ‘, and have scored five defeats in ‘Top 16’ and 9 so far of course, but the Greeks, with ‘diamond’ shining green as ever, can not be seen as anything other than candidates final triumph.

Video Panathinaikos vs Barcelona 76-74 (Euroleague 2010-11)

In 2011, when Barcelona hosted the majestic Palau Sant Jordi the Final Four, it was the Greeks who crossed the path of Regal Barça to prevent them being in their final four in a series of ‘play-off’ in which as this was the Catalans who had the home court advantage. After winning the initial match, the Greeks took the second and certified his passes with two victories in the OAKA.

Thus, a Regal Barça wants to show that he has learned the lesson, aspires to take his revenge and earn the right to be in a Final Four has seen where all colors. But, without going any further than the last year in Istanbul, two rivals faced off in the consolation final, which was the Catalan side (69-74).

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